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I need a system that is simple for my employees to use. How do they clock-in/out?

Simple – Yes!  For employees using the Call-In method, they will dial the Chronotek toll-free number from any phone line (except pay phones), enter their Access Code and Job Code (if required).  The system reports, “You have clocked in at xx:xx am/pm”.  The next call will register as the clock-out and reports, “You have clocked out at xx:xx pm; you have worked  xx hours:xx minutes”.  The goal is to get people clocked-in as quick as possible!

For employees using the Chronotek app, they will enter their Chronotek login credentials and select the correct Job (customer, location, site, etc.) for the shift.  If the address has been setup for each Job, then the system will “suggest” which Job they should clock into based on their current location.  To clock-out, they press STOP…it couldn’t be easier!

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