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What are the advantages of using Chronotek versus a card reader or biometric reader?

Chronotek does not require any special equipment on site.  It is hard to place equipment at remote sites the might change frequently.   Biometric devices are not accurate enough, registering 80% or even 90% accurate.  Employees are probably there 80-90% of the time!  And some devices require you to collect the data each pay period.  With Chronotek, employees simply use a phone (site or cell phone) or the Chronotek app to clock in and out.  These clock events are collected live and are viewable from any internet access.  You can receive text messages at each clock in or out for the ‘problem’ employees, or just no-show alerts if you use job schedules.  Random Voice Verification can be used to prevent buddy punching for employees who use the call-in method.

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