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What Would You do with 78 Extra Hours?

What Would You Do With 78 Extra HoursApril 18 is right around the corner. Have you filed your tax returns?  Many Americans love to file early and wait on the big check, like a kid waits on Christmas.  For others, they realize that Uncle Sam isn’t Santa Claus.  That big check is payback on a short term loan to the government, who used the money all year and paid it back with no interest.  By altering their deductions Americans can keep that money in their own pockets each paycheck, and use it all year.  Time is very much the same.

Some small business owners will work frantically 24/7 for 51 weeks, to take that one big vacation each year.  And that is great.  However, we have clients telling us something different.  We just spoke to a customer recently who gave us a different perspective on how employee time-tracking with Chronotek altered his life.

His janitorial business has more than doubled in his 2  1/2 years using our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system.  It has saved him significant money on payroll expenses, and maybe just as important, it has given him some time back.  In his dark pre-Chronotek days he used handwritten employee timesheets that he had to chase down, and manually calculate.  Now our employee time-tracking system saves him almost 3 hours every 2 weeks in processing his payroll and cutting employee checks.  That’s 78 hours a year he can do whatever he wants to do.  He chooses it to reinvest in his business by going after more customers.  As we mentioned, his business has more than doubled.

To put it a different way, 78 hours is like 2 more vacation weeks spread out over the year.  Use them, enjoy them as you please, but take the first step to get them. Sign up for a free trial on our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system.  Do it now.  It’s about time.


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Would You Trade a Quarter if I Gave You a Dollar?

If someone offered to trade you a dollar for a quarter, would you accept the trade? You would probably back up a truck to haul away your good fortune. For businesses using handwritten time cards to track their employees’ time, Chronotek has such a deal.  Our industry leading telephone timekeeping system, with over 15 years of proven excellence, can save these businesses between 2-6% on their largest capital outlay, payroll (savings averages according to the American Payroll Association).

Times are tight and you may think that you can’t afford to implement a telephone timekeeping system. Our clients have shifted that thinking – and they are getting ahead of their competition!  Our system is not a cost; it is an investment – with benefits.  We don’t pay you to use Chronotek, but it seems that way.  The return on investment is only part of the savings. When you manage your employees more effectively you give better service to your customer.  Chronotek provides a good return on your investment and a comprehensive employee management tool.

The following chart illustrates how Chronotek saves people money by capturing accurate time…  no padding on Chronotek time cards.   We estimated 20 employees working a 6 hour, 5 day work week, with 2 clock in/outs a day.  Employees would make 870 calls a month costing $129, with a possible savings of $707 a month (4% of payroll less cost of system).

Check out the pricing calculator for your estimated savings.

An investment with benefits…  Save time by not having to collect and process manual time cards…  Run payroll reports with accurate time cards…  Receive alerts when employees do not show for jobs…  Prevent buddy punching with Random Voice Verification…  Send voice messages your employees must listen to.

Put another way, approximately every $1.25 invested in Chronotek could yield a return of $7.  Can you afford to wait any longer?   Save money, work smarter and stay ahead of your competition by implementing proven technology.  Get your truck and we will load up your savings!

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