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New “Any Employee” Schedule

Today we are thrilled to announce a new feature that has been at the top of our “wish list” for some time now.  Many customers had asked us about how best to handle jobs where they didn’t care what employee clocked in, just as long as somebody did.  For many of our customers who manage many different locations, simply ensuring that at least one employee had arrived at a jobsite was critical information.  One example of this type of job might be a pool management company that needs to be sure someone has shown up to open a neighborhood pool for the day, or a security firm that needs to be sure a specific location is covered by a certain time.

We started rolling this feature out on Tuesday, and already we are thrilled with the response from our customers, and the innovative ways they are planning to use it.  Our programming team put in lots of hard work perfecting how this new type of schedule would work with our alert system, so that supervisors can receive up to the minute information regarding which job sites are covered.  Our team also designed the schedules to interface perfectly with our Mobile Chronotek system, allowing supervisors to view this information from any web enabled mobile device.

All in all we are very proud to be able to offer this new feature to our customers.  Our support staff created an excellent email tutorial on using “Any Employee” schedules, and current Chronotek customers should check their inboxes for this information.  As always, any questions or feedback may be left in the comments section below- we’d love to hear how you plan to use this new feature!

Chronotek- Making Holidays Easier for Small Business Owners

As we wrap up Memorial Day Weekend, I am reminded of how amazing our constantly connected and engaged world is.  Even on a day of rest and reflection for most of us, many across the Nation remain hard at work- from the executive checking emails on his Blackberry, to the janitorial staff preparing a building for the coming week.  This modern 24/7/365 work day is most pronounced in one group of people- small business owners.  For these entrepreneurs, a day of complete relaxation is nearly impossible, with so many variables and areas of concern to keep up with.

Thats why one of our primary goals at Chronotek is making life easier for small business owners.  We understand what its like to have a company to worry about 24/7- and why its so important to keep up with all the information that lets you know your business is functioning properly.  With this in mind, we have attempted to stay at the forefront of the “always-on” mode of thinking, without sacrificing the ease of use and simplicity that is the hallmark of our system.  We have accomplished this through features like our text message and email alerts whenever an employee doesn’t show up for work, and with the recently released Mobile Chronotek that allows you to manage the system through an interface optimized for mobile web browsers.

We are confident that our efforts in these areas have had a positive impact on our customers peace of mind, and their ability to stay connected to their businesses even when they aren’t “on the job”.  One of our favorite stories here at Chronotek is when a customer contacted us via email and said that he had just done his scheduling and timekeeping- while walking through Disney World with his children.  We love this story because it validates so much of what we do at Chronotek, and gives us the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that our efforts made that family’s vacation just a little more enjoyable.  For many small business owners, a true “vacation” is only a dream- but with Chronotek’s versatile mobile options, that dream can become reality.

Finally, a word of appreciation for our brave service Men and Women on Memorial Day.  No amount of eloquence could adequately express the incredible debt we owe to you all- those who fought, past and present, to defend this beautiful country and all the freedoms we enjoy.  Without your efforts, we would not be blessed with the freedom to live and worship as we please, or even the freedom to work and prosper as individuals and entrepreneurs.   For your service in the past, present, and future, we thank you.

-The Chronotek Team

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