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What Would You do with 78 Extra Hours?

What Would You Do With 78 Extra HoursApril 18 is right around the corner. Have you filed your tax returns?  Many Americans love to file early and wait on the big check, like a kid waits on Christmas.  For others, they realize that Uncle Sam isn’t Santa Claus.  That big check is payback on a short term loan to the government, who used the money all year and paid it back with no interest.  By altering their deductions Americans can keep that money in their own pockets each paycheck, and use it all year.  Time is very much the same.

Some small business owners will work frantically 24/7 for 51 weeks, to take that one big vacation each year.  And that is great.  However, we have clients telling us something different.  We just spoke to a customer recently who gave us a different perspective on how employee time-tracking with Chronotek altered his life.

His janitorial business has more than doubled in his 2  1/2 years using our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system.  It has saved him significant money on payroll expenses, and maybe just as important, it has given him some time back.  In his dark pre-Chronotek days he used handwritten employee timesheets that he had to chase down, and manually calculate.  Now our employee time-tracking system saves him almost 3 hours every 2 weeks in processing his payroll and cutting employee checks.  That’s 78 hours a year he can do whatever he wants to do.  He chooses it to reinvest in his business by going after more customers.  As we mentioned, his business has more than doubled.

To put it a different way, 78 hours is like 2 more vacation weeks spread out over the year.  Use them, enjoy them as you please, but take the first step to get them. Sign up for a free trial on our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system.  Do it now.  It’s about time.


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Test Drive Automated Travel Time and Mileage Reporting

Test Drive Automated Travel Time and Mileage ReportingDo you have remote hourly employees who drive from job site to job site?  Are you paying too much for travel time and mileage, but don’t know what to do about it?

In our previous post, Speed Up Payday with Hassle-free, Automated Travel Time and Mileage, we introduced Travel Manager, our tool that integrates with Google MapsTM to automatically capture accurate travel time and mileage.  As we mentioned in that post, according to our research, Travel Manager could save you up to 17 minutes on every travel trip for every employee. For a small company with just 10 employees making 1 travel trip each day 5 days a week, that’s over 61 hours a month in inflated travel time.

If your company is still using and trusting handwritten employee timesheets for work time, travel time and mileage information, it’s about time to automate the process.

Employees can use our telephone or app-based timekeeping system to clock in and out. Here’s how our Google MapsTM licensed Travel Manager will simplify your life:

  • For any date range, automatically create travel time and mileage records for employees who clock out of one job, and into a different job.
  • You have the choice.  Travel trips can use Google MapsTM estimates using the job site addresses you enter for each location.  Alternately, travel records can be made using actual clock in/out times.
  • When Google MapsTM estimated time is used, you won’t have to pay the extra time when employees take breaks or do errands between jobs.  Google MapsTM may estimate a trip to be 12 minutes.  But when it takes your employee  58 minutes, pay the Google MapsTM estimated 12 minutes. The savings will be clear.
  • If travel is an expense not budgeted to your customers, then you can track all travel as a separate company job.
  • Our reports break out the travel time and the work time for each customer. How do the two compare? The travel time is a cost you incur to do that job. Do the travel times seem high for a particular job?  If so, check for a more route-efficient way to schedule the job. Reassign employees to jobs they live near.  Group jobs together based on their proximity to one another.


Our Travel Manager feature is a very simple, yet life-changing tool that uses the power of  Google MapsTM  technology and automation to help your small business run vastly more efficient.  It can give you time, energy, and resources to conquer your other goals.  It can also reclaim 17 minutes on every trip.

Give it a test drive for free for 30 days.

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Where are Your Employees, Really?

where-is-your-employee-really-chronotekWould you buy a new 55″ smart TV without a remote?  Maybe it’s not necessary, but it sure makes the TV much more functional and enjoyable.  If you’re a small business owner with off-site hourly workers, you need confidence that employees are clocking in and out at the job site.  An automated timekeeping system with GPS technology can provide location information on every employee clock-in and out.  Maps can show pinpoints of every punch.  It’s great data.  But do you know if that location is the actual job site?  To know if your employee was on the job when clocking in you would have to memorize the location of every job site.  If you have more than 20-30 sites, especially in urban areas, these lone pin drops on a map are pretty useless –  like a smart TV without a remote.  Chronotek has the technology to tell you the employee was Located at Job” or “Located NOT at Job!

The Chronotek system allows you input the address of every job site.  Then when employees clock in and out, we compare the mapped job site address with the GPS track and report in bold, bright letters if the employee was tracked at the job or not. If we report that he’s located at the job, no need to spend time looking at the map.  If he’s reported as not located at the job, then you can view a map that shows your job site AND where your employee was tracked. You don’t waste time wondering, “Is that a Waffle House or the job site?”  A smart time tracking system knows that both pieces of information are important and lays it right out for you.  You can conserve your valuable brain power for higher level issues.

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5 Ideas To Help Manage Your Remote, Hourly Employees

The buzz of the New Year has come and gone and the melody of Auld Lang Syne is a faint whisper in our memories.  Before we get too far into the year, and maybe while you still have your resolutions posted on the mirror, we wanted to recommend 5 ChronoTips to make your life simpler.  These are ideas that will give your business a head start and a dynamic edge going into the New Year

  1. Time cards always have the right job, and you know employees are on site when they clock-in from a Linked phone from the jobsite.  It’s quick and easy to associate the site phone to the job.  This is an absolute must-do if your employees are using site landline phones.
  2. Make employees think twice about buddy punching and enable Random Voice Verification.
  3. Use our new mobile app to clock in and out.  If employees use cell phones to clock-in and they have smartphones, our mobile app is a better solution. GPS tracks, messaging, time cards and schedules give you and your employees increased communication abilities and access to personal schedules and worked hours.
  4. Empower your supervisors with the new mobile app. Smartphones are really smart. Our app can show your supervisor who is clocked in, where, what time, if employees clocked in/out at the job or not, no-shows and late employees.  Supervisors can also message employees and add employees and jobs from the field.
  5. Stop no-shows, keep your customers happy, and get a good night’s sleep by using our scheduling and late alert tools. Get notified by text or email when you’re employees don’t clock into scheduled jobs.

Our telephony and app-based timekeeping system is a comprehensive employee management tool that can do more than just capture accurate time of your employees. Be sure to fully maximize its functionality to minimize the struggles that come with managing remote, hourly employees.  Please let us know if we can help you implement these suggestions.

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Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast – Get Your Dream Back

We recently had the privilege to meet a company that shares our heartbeat to help small businesses grow.  In particular, Grow My Cleaning Company consults and coaches janitorial owners to help them grow their businesses.  Through their Facebook group, Mike Campion, owner of Grow My Cleaning Company, heard how our online timekeeping system has helped many of his customers solve the number one problem for companies with remote employees: capturing accurate labor time.

Mike invited our own Cheryl Nedrow to be a guest on his podcast.  Their insightful conversation is broadcasted in 2 episodes. We invite you to listen to part 1 entitled, Janitorial Business Timekeeping, GPS Tracking and Making More Money : Episode 158 Chronotek – and begin discovering how you can get your dream back.  Also check out the other great content at

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Fall Back this Sunday

fall-back-dstPlease remember that Daylight Savings Time occurs this Sunday, November 6 at 2am.  Enjoy an extra hour of sleep and don’t worry about your time cards in our telephone and app-based timekeeping solution.

Chronotek will correctly reflect the duration of time cards for employees who are on the clock at the time of the Daylight Savings Time change. There’s no need to make edits or adjustments to these time cards.

Now you may need to set back the clock on your microwave.

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Can Your Employees Be Trusted?

We want to believe that all people can be trusted, but we think it’s better to approach it as Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

That’s wise advice when it comes to your employees.  This article sites a Kessler survey in which 30% of the respondents admitted to falsifying their time cards. Businesses need protection from the few who can easily take advantage of a handwritten time card payroll practice. Our automated timekeeping system captures accurate time with a simple toll-free call or a click on our new mobile app. In a post, Minding Your Minutes, we referred to an article that stated that small businesses lose 10 minutes a day from each employee due to time theft. These minutes compounded every day 52 weeks a year adds up to a number that will shock you.  Fourteen employees making $7.50 an hour could cost your business $375 a month in unearned pay. These are unearned minutes going towards overtime as well.

The financial impact is devastating and along with your bottom line, it’s your honest employees who suffer.  This wasted money could be used for their pay increases and incentives. Instead small businesses that don’t have a solution to the time theft problem struggle to just stay afloat.

This is the greatest injustice. Hardworking, honest employees lose their jobs due to the actions of a few.

We can be your advocate. We will give you freedom to trust while we verify.

Giving You Just a Little More Time


Time is something we think about a lot, like ALL of the time. At Chronotek we can get pretty geeky about it, too. Our timekeeping solution for small businesses with remote workers tracks 100% accurate time worked.  We’ve posted how to convert time in hours/minutes format to a decimal hour, it’s 60-based evil cousin.  We’ve also written that if you don’t mind your minutes, you can lose a startling 10 minutes a day per employee to time theft.  But one of the most important things we should do with time is to enjoy it.

The idea of enjoying time gets lost in our fast-paced, performance-based, hyper-connected world in which we live.  Too often this machine sucks us into the grind and under its wheels and we forget as we grow older how to enjoy time.  Or maybe we just forget to take time for ourselves.  We want you, the small business owner, to rediscover time.  Experience new ways to spend time – do whatever brings joy and more peace to your life.   That’s why we’ve been here for 20 years building and re-building our timekeeping solution for your small business. We want to simplify your business so you have more time to experience life.

With summer drawing to a close, we’d love to hear your stories on how you enjoyed some much needed down time.  If you’re one of our customers, it would give us great joy to know that we contributed to your ability to get away.  If you have time, and hopefully you do since you’re using our system, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Use hashtag #umbrelladrinks.


NEW Chronotek Mobile App – Hired Hand for Small Business Owner

Suzie was relaxing with her family one evening when her cell phone rang. Once upon a time, before Chronotek, that evening call would have instantly pushed her into panic mode.   Her job as a supervisor used to ruin her evenings with late night emergency calls because jobs were not being covered.  But not any longer. This was a welcomed call from her brother, Jim.

Suzie: Hey Jim, how’s it going?

Jim: Everything is great. Do you remember telling me about the new Chronotek app last week?

Suzie: Yes, of course.  Why?

Jim: Well, your miracle story inspired me to do something about my timekeeping mess for my construction company.

Suzie: Are you still using paper time sheets, little brother?

Jim: Yes, but you got me thinking.  My business is growing and with 16 employees it’s getting very tough to manage, but I can’t afford a Super Suzie yet.  I’m the Suzie, and the marketing and sales guy, the bookkeeper, the secretary, the HR guy, and I’m sometimes the guy swinging the hammer at the job site and sweeping the floors in the office.

Suzie: You definitely have your hands full, not to mention your new baby.

Jim: I have a new baby? (chuckles)  Oh, yeah, I do!  Well, I think Chronotek’s employee time tracking system and the new app will finally give me time to spend time with her.

New App 7 TCSSuzie: Absolutely!  Chronotek and the new app can be your Suzie, and more.

Jim: I know, the entire system is amazing. My employees actually like the ease of clocking-in from the app.  And I no longer have to track down their time cards. Timesheets get created automatically and I can review them from the app or the website whenever I’m ready.  If my guys are late, I get alerted right to my phone.  I don’t have to worry; did they show or didn’t they show?  I can see from the app when they clocked-in, and it shows a GPS map that geo-locates where they clocked-in.  It is like I hired a supervisor at a fraction of the cost.

Suzie: You sound like a new man, Jim.

ChronotekUserWithMoreTimeForHisFamilyJim: I feel like one, too. And speaking of my baby, in the evenings I’m not stuck in my office doing work at the desk.   Just last night I was rocking Sophie to sleep while reviewing and editing time cards on the new app.  I even added a new employee on the app while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.


Suzie: You’re too funny, Jim.  It sounds like Chronotek is giving you your life back.

Jim: Chronotek is my new hired hand,  and this new app is especially helpful.  Chronotek is taking some of this load off of me for sure.

Suzie: You’re learning, bro. Chronotek is helping us both!

Chronotek’s remote employee management system and our new mobile app have transformed the lives of Suzie the SUPERvisor and her business owner brother, Jim. Our mission for 20 years has been to provide a proven way to track labor hours of remote employees that yields greater profits and improved personal lives of small business owners.

If you would like to try it free for 30 days and experience the life-change that Suzie and Jim have, click here.

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NEW Chronotek Mobile App – Life is Better

We’ve been chronicling the life-change of Suzie the SUPERvisor since she started using Chronotek’s new mobile app.   She can wake up in the mornings, fire up the Keurig for a fresh cup of coffee and check Workforce Stats on the app to review her employees’ activity through the night.  And our in-app messaging is the perfect communication tool to keep her employees just a click away.

Suzie was recently praising the app with her brother, Jim, who owns a construction company. She told him how the app made her boss and his janitorial company look like the industry leader to a prospect. Let’s listen in on their conversation:

Suzie: Jim, it was the most amazing thing. I wish you could have been there.

Jim: Yeah, me too. It’s not like you to get this excited about anything. What’s so special about this app?

Suzie: Many things, but just yesterday my boss, Gary, wanted me to go with him to meet a new prospect and present our bid to maintain his building.

Jim: Smart man, bringing in the big guns.

Suzie: Yeah, right. Well anyway, we got there and it turns out that a water pipe burst in one of his offices a few minutes earlier and he’s got a mess on his hands.

Jim: Not good.

Suzie: Not at all. John, the building owner, was frantic and wanted to cancel our meeting. I asked him what his plan was to clean up the mess and he hadn’t thought that far yet. They had just fixed the pipe. I knew that this was going to be a great contract if we got it so I took a risk.

Jim: Oh no!

Suzie: I turned to Gary and said, “Why don’t I get a crew over here immediately and take care of this for John? This one will be on us.”

Jim: That’s pretty bold, Suzie. Do you think you own the company?

Suzie: It was a small office, so I knew that things wouldn’t be too bad.

Jim: This is all great, but what does it have to do with the Chronotek app?

Suzie Supervisor - Chronotek New AppSuzie: I was getting there. So, I open the app, go to the screen to add a new job, put in the name of John’s business, created the job code, and the app is able to geo-locate me. This allows me to quickly add the address without having to ask or look it up.

Jim: Cool!

Suzie: And that’s not all. Then I broadcast a message to all of my employees that I need 5 people right away and the first 5 who respond to the message get the work with bonus pay. I had 7 replies in just a few minutes. And when they got to the building to clock in, the app geo-located them, and the job was the first one on the list to choose from. So simple for my employees to clock-in.

Jim: How did Gary take the bonus pay thing?

Suzie: He took it fine when John told us that we got the contract. John was amazed at how we swiftly and easily we handled his unexpected crisis. He said it was nothing short of a miracle.

Jim: Suzie, you’re a miracle worker!

Suzie: Ha! The new Chronotek mobile app is the miracle, not me.

Jim: I’d say so. I knew that something was different about you. You’ve seemed a lot more relaxed lately.

Suzie: Oh, little brother, you have no idea.

Suzie is learning that life is better with the new Chronotek app, and not just work life.  We all know the extent that day-to-day work stresses permeate our personal lives. When you can find a way to alleviate the work stress, our personal lives are so much sweeter.

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NEW Chronotek Mobile App – Making SUPERvisors!

Supervisors all over the country have joined the party as we’re still celebrating the release of our new mobile app.  In our last post, we outlined why and how your remote employees love it as they use it to create time cards in our automated timekeeping system. Today we report on Suzie, a supervisor in a small janitorial company who manages 25 workers that clean multiple buildings throughout the city. She’s learning the new app and has discovered that she has the freedom of functionality to do things in the field that once tied her to a desk.

The new app is an assistant of sorts, even working through the night.  Suzie can already sleep easy knowing that our system will alert her by text if an employee is late to a scheduled job. Now she can wake, open the app to quickly review the live dashboard of Workforce Stats to see all the details she needs to start her day. It’s the power of information at her fingertips.

The Workforce Stats dashboard gives Suzie live, vital information for 12 hours back and 12 hours ahead.  Notice the Alert tabs that float-to-the-top the crucial information in living color :

New App 7 WFS

Not at job- Who wasn’t GPS located at the job when he clocked in/out (5).
Late Arrival- Who was late to scheduled jobs (3) and shows the scheduled time and the actual times (Samuel Price was scheduled 6:30am-7:30am but clocked in late at 12:20pm).
No Show- Who didn’t show to a scheduled job (91)
Denied- Who denied request for GPS tracking when he clocked in or out (this means they have their smartphone location services disabled).
Who’s clocked in now (the green dots).
Who’s scheduled for the next 12 hours.

And all of this information can be zone filtered so that if Suzie is one of multiple supervisors, she only sees employees and jobs in her supervisory zone.

It’s a loaded first look. This one screen alone, the Workforce Stats page, is changing Suzie’s life.  But it’s only the very tip of the iceberg.  In our next post, we’ll explain more on how the new mobile app is making Suzie a true SUPERvisor.

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Celebrating with our NEW! Chronotek App

Launch the fireworks! Toss the confetti! Start the music! We’re still celebrating our 20th birthday and we’re doing it in Chronotek style with something great for customers of our telephone timekeeping system. It’s better than any door prize or party favor; it’s the release of our brand new mobile app!

We’ve been beta testing the new app with a few of our customers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Reinhard Grab, owner of ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, LLC in Summerville, South Carolina said, “I love the simplicity of the new Chronotek mobile app. The simplicity is like art. It’s beautiful and intuitive and has uncluttered functionality. It’s so easy for employees to use.”

Bruce Jeffers, owner of Classic City Solutions in Winterville, Georgia had this to say, “The new app works great. It gives me access to valuable data that my managers and I need out in the field.  I love Chronotek!” We love you, too, Bruce!

Manuel Silva, Operations Supervisor with nanoCLEAN Decontamination Services, LLC in Quincy, Massachusetts said, “The new Chronotek app gives me a lot of great information. The Workforce Stats page tells me who is and isn’t clocked in, who was late, and who wasn’t at the job when they clocked in. I can edit time cards from the new app. It’s very helpful.”

MTC shot_237x97

We think that you will agree. The power, functionality and usability of the new Chronotek app reinvents the reality of mobile workforce management.


  • Would you like to send a group text message to all of your employees? Done.
  • View one quick and easy stats page showing who’s late, who’s a no-show, who wasn’t at the job when they clocked in/out and who denied the request for GPS tracking? It’s all there!
  • Add jobs and employees from the app? Absolutely!
  • Edit time cards while the doctor makes you wait for your appointment? You bet!
  • See a list of your employees’ actual hours worked and their future schedules for the week? That’s pretty handy for preventing overtime before it happens and the new app has it!

We want to tell you so much more about it. Our next post will go into deeper detail on how your employees can use the app. Then subsequent posts will highlight the supervisor and administrator functions. Be first to the party. Subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with all new posts.

But for now, go to your app store and download the new app. Download it free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.



Tax Expense or Tax Deduction

You might remember from a previous blog post we analyzed the financial ramifications of a daily Red Bull habit, and the even more monetarily crippling practice of using handwritten time cards to track the time of remote employees.  In that post we made an assumption that your 15 employees are twice as honest as the national average and you lose only $2600 a year in inaccurate time card reporting.  With tax season still lingering on our minds let’s evaluate the potential tax ramifications with that situation.

Today we want to use the previous post as a basis to explore the difference in a tax expense and a tax deduction.  In that example, the $2600 that you spent in unearned wages also comes with payroll tax expenses.  According to this MIT article, you must add to the $2600 payroll expenses for Social Security/FICA (currently 6.2% on the first $90,000 of salary), Unemployment/FUTA (6.2% on $7,000 of salary) and Medicare (1.45% with no salary cap).  Workers compensation for the service industry could be an extra 5-8%.  So, the real total number is more like $3000.  These are unearned, undeserved, wasted dollars.  There’s a plethora of other consequences of time theft: poor work quality, a culture of dishonesty, low company moral, etc.  But we are just focusing on the dollars today.  Wouldn’t it be more fun to pop the top off a convertible, hit a long country road, load up Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”, and toss $100 bills into the wind?  At least you’re choosing to blow the money.

But in a sense you are inadvertently choosing to blow money too if you’re still using handwritten time cards.

Now let’s look at the tax deduction side of this.  Invest in our telephone and app-based timekeeping solution to get accurate, automated time cards that will eliminate the $3000 waste.  In our previous post we estimated the cost for your 15 employees on our system to be $2100 annually.  That’s $900 back in your pocket.  But it’s really more, because of the business tax deduction you are allowed for the expense.  This puts another $500 back on your side of the ledger which brings the real cost of our system to approximately $1600 annually.

Invest $1600, save $3000.

It is like you just got paid to use our system!  You’re up $1400 in tax-free money. That’s an 87.5% return on your investment.  Much better than your CD.

Now you can reinvest this $1400 in another tax deduction, maybe Red Bulls for your employees in the break room.  Using an automated timekeeping system makes great business sense, and investing in your employees is always a fantastic idea too.  Tax season can be better for everyone!


#2 Spring Cleaning for Small Businesses: Locating Your Employees

Sometimes we are forced to clean when we can’t find something.   Since we’re Spring cleaning, let’s address a messy issue that’s been nagging you for a while; employees may not be on the job when they claim to be.    How do you monitor offsite employees to ensure that you’re not wasting money on unearned payroll and potentially damaging relationships with your customers?  We can bring some order to this chaos.

Our simple employee telephone and app clock-in system offers many smart tools and strategies that give small business owners peace of mind that their off-site workers are on the job. We’ll briefly mention a few, but we encourage you to contact us for more information.

  1. Our mobile app provides a GPS track of employees’ locations when they clock in and out. Quickly and easily view if employees were tracked at the job or not at the job.
  2. Lock down jobsite phones with our Linked Phone feature to require employees to use specified phones.
  3. Random Voice Verification helps catch Bob and Bill who work together and have been covering for one other as each take unapproved, but paid “time off”.
  4. Set up check-in alerts for your Bobs and Bills that will notify your manager by text or email, and she can drop in on them at the job.  We’ve had customers implement this strategy and it works great to raise the accountability level.

We’ve said before, that you can’t expect what you don’t inspect, and the aforementioned ideas are great inspection tools to clean up your time theft issues. We will be back soon to offer some more Spring Cleaning suggestions. Don’t miss any!  Keep posted on this new series by subscribing to this blog or by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Change Your Future – No More Time Card Pain

“People won’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

The internet cites many sources for this quote, but whoever first said it really understands human behavior. And since humans own and run companies, this truth has both personal and business implications.

We frequently hear the story. The owner of a small, but growing janitorial company, Becky, is up late doing payroll manually. She goes through 25 handwritten timesheets to verify the hours with a nagging certainty that not every one of her off-site employees could have worked perfect 6-9pm shifts every night of the week.  Yet that’s what is written on all of the timesheets.  Then there’s Donnie, like always, who failed to turn in his at all. Her pain is immense. At that moment. In her late night-early morning agony she Googles for an employee call in system, and signs up for a free trial on our telephone timekeeping solution.

Ok, this is a new start.   But by the next day the immediate headache has passed, and Becky is caught up once again in the day to day grind of running her business. She doesn’t have time to talk when we give her a call to help her get started, and will call us back later. Later never comes.

Becky experiences the pain again a week later while she does payroll and thinks about us. Then she considers the time it will take to learn the system and train her employees, and she decides she just doesn’t have that time.  After all, she is too busy, because it is payroll day, again!  And her employees will probably give her a hard time about it, especially Donnie.

So her weekly payroll pain is not greater than the “perceived” pain of changing her processes.  And she does nothing.  Chances are she will always be a 25 or less employee company.  She never commits to the time and effort to step out of her business to work on her business.

We truly believe that Becky would like to change. It can’t be fun dreading one day out of every seven.  After all, we already have Mondays in which to contend.  And who likes to knowingly waste money?

If you own a small business with employees who work off-site and can relate to Becky’s pain, why not let 2016 be your breakout year?  Do something bold and courageous. Consider this quote by Seth Godin, “Change-making happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.”

Fall in love with a future of automated and accurate time cards, a 2-6% payroll savings (a dollar saved is better than a dollar earned because it’s tax-free),  and most of all, a future with no more stress-filled late nights doing payroll.  Take your life back!   Sign up for a free trial today and let us help you change your future.


Obamacare Q & A: Must Offer ‘Affordable’ Coverage

Our guest blogger, Matt Lapointe, helps to explain the ‘Affordable’ concept in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Matt Lapointe, is an attorney with Wetherington Hamilton, P.A. in Tampa, FL,  Matt advises small and mid-size businesses on all areas of business law, including the ACA.

Q.  I own 5 Dunkin’ Donuts franchises. Each is in a separate LLC, but I know they must be grouped together for ObamaCare purposes under the aggregation rules you discussed in Part 1 of ObamaCare Q & A.  I offer health coverage to all my full-time employees, but I heard that I could still get fined if the coverage I offer is not affordable to my employees.  How does the ACA define “unaffordable”?

A.  Health insurance coverage is deemed “unaffordable” if the premium required to be paid by the employee exceeds 9.5% of the employee’s household income.  Recognizing that an employer has no way of knowing the “household” income of its employees, the regulations allow affordability to be determined on the basis of the employee’s own income as reported on his or her Form W-2 (in Box 1) instead of household income.  If any employee’s share of the premium exceeds 9.5% of her W-2 reported income and any employee obtains subsidized coverage from the ObamaCare exchange, then the company must pay a penalty of $250 per month ($3,000 per year) multiplied by the number of full-time employees who obtain subsidized coverage from the exchange.

We’ve mentioned our new ACA-ALE Status report that calculates by month the total number of full-time and full-time equivalent employees to determine if your company must comply with the ACA. ACA FT Status

Our other new ACA report, ACA: FT Status – Monthly, breaks down each employee’s hours by the month to point out which employees meet the full-time (FT) status according to the ACA 130-hours per month ruling.

(These new ACA reports are coming out with our next update.)

We would like to thank Matt again for his time as a guest blogger in this series and for his assistance in creating our new ACA reports. As we’ve mentioned before, the Chronotek staff does not have ACA experts and therefore cannot answer compliance questions. Feel free to contact Matt.  We may hear from Matt again. Please stay up to date by subscribing to our blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Managing Remote Employees: Location, Location, Location

Location, location, location resounds in our second installment on Managing Remote Employees.   Yes, you can have confidence that your employees are really on the job site when they say they are.   Location tracking is one of the many benefits that a telephone and app-based timekeeping solution like ours can give you that handwritten time sheets cannot.  Johnny may write on his time sheet that he cleaned the building from 5-9pm, but he may have been in Bob’s Bar and Burgers an hour away by 6:30.

We work hard to provide the best tech-management tools to assist businesses with remote employees.  So how can you use technology to create automated time cards and be sure that employees are really on the job site?  We offer 6 smart tips:

  1.  Require employees to use job site landline phones to clock in and out if possible. The caller IDs of the phones used to clock in and out are noted on each automated timecard.   Question the employee about any phone number reported that’s not a job site phone.  You can also prevent the use of any phone number that appears on your account that you don’t want employees to use.
  2. Link job site phones to the jobs to ensure timecards are created from calls on site.   This essentially ties a phone number to a job preventing employees from clocking in with another phone.
  3. Use our smartphone app if landline phones are not available. The app is a great way for employees to clock in and out and it provides a very accurate GPS location track at the time of the punch in and out.
  4. Employees who don’t have smartphones can opt-in to GPS tracking that we get from their cell carriers.  We can currently get location tracks from the following carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Boost, (Canada) TELUS.
  5. Some customers want to retain the ability to use our voice features, such as Random Voice Verification and our Integrated Voice Messaging system which are not available on the mobile app, but they want the benefit of the accurate GPS tracks provided by our app.   So we have recently released our Dialer App.  The Dialer App is essentially a speed dial into the normal toll free that your employees already use.  Once dialed in, your employee will still enter his employee code and job code, but the location track comes from the smartphone itself, and not the cell carrier.  The result is a very accurate location track. (Normal call charges apply).
  6. Enter addresses for all of your job sites and our Clock Locations screen reports if your employee was ‘on the job’ or ‘not on the job’. This information is based on the landline phone used, or the cell phone GPS track we received from the cell carrier, or the track we received from the device itself if the Mobile App or Dialer App is used.  For a great visual the map link shows the location of the track compared to the job site location.

Managing remote employees is always a challenge and while you can’t put it on autopilot, current technology does offer ways to simplify the task.  Steve Jobs said, “It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”  We agree that technology is ever-changing.  From our perspective the accountability that technology provides gives you faith in people as the honest employees stand out.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the ‘Managing Remote Employees’ series in which we offer advice on how to make sure employees aren’t spending too much or too little time on your jobs.


Managing Remote Employees: Prevent Buddy Punching

I was cruising up the interstate blindfolded the other day. Don’t worry. I wasn’t driving. My family insisted that I wear the blindfold as they took me out to eat for my birthday. It was cool. The blindfold had built-in ear buds so I relaxed to Mandolin Orange on the way. When my wife is driving, I prefer the blindfold. But a small business owner with remote employees never wants to be blind to what’s happening out in the field.

Is your employee really on the job when he says he is?   What if his co-worker buddy backs him up?  If he’s not on the job, but says he is, you are paying for unworked, unearned time that can undermine your bottom line.

You hope to hire hardworking and honest employees, but as we have quoted before, “You can expect what you inspect.”   And when your off-site employees are working together, there can be a cause for concern.  If your company is still using handwritten timesheets to keep up with employee hours, it’s as simple as an employee putting down hours for a shift that he really didn’t work and his buddy covering for him.  Or if using an automated system an employee can give his access code to his buddy and ask him to clock in for him at the job site.

Either way, it’s time theft.  It’s costly.   It’s unnecessary.

Our telephone timekeeping system offers some smart solutions to prevent buddy punching and helps to ensure that all hours reported are earned.

A popular management tool is our Random Voice Verification (RVV).  When calling to clock in and out, our system can randomly prompt your employee to state his name, and we record it for you to play back.  You can compare the random voice check against a voice file we made the first time your employee clocked in.  This layer of accountability when punching in/out lets your employee know that you are inspecting.

Another solution when you suspect that a particular team or crew may be buddy punching for each other is to use our alert system.   Set up the system to send a text or email alert to a supervisor when employees check in and out.  When the supervisor gets an alert, he can call the employees on their cell phones.  When one answers, he can ask the employee to hand the phone to the other employee.  One of our customers actually got a check-in alert and then drove to the job site to find that an employee was not there although she was clocked in.

A third idea is to use the Mobile App while physically monitoring the job site one night. Watch who arrives at the job site and then use the app to view which employees get clocked in.  See if an employee clocks in who wasn’t on site.

Finally, use our integrated voice message system.  Plan for a night when you will leave a voice message to a suspected employee that he will hear when he clocks into a job.  The message might say, “John, this is your supervisor, Jill.  As soon as you clock in and get this message, please call me from the job site phone.”   Or for an ultimate test, be on site and tell John in the message to meet you at the back door immediately.

By implementing these strategies systematically and routinely you should be able to flush out problem employees quickly and let the remaining know that time theft is not tolerated.   Check back soon for the next installment in our Managing Remote Employees series in which we will discuss more ways on how to ensure your employees are on the job site when clocking in and out.


A Timekeeping Solution for Your Business?

We offer a telephone and app-based timekeeping solution that works great for most small businesses with remote employees.  For 20 years we have helped small businesses in many ways, and we can determine if our timekeeping system is right for you.   The best way to approach this is to explain the ways our customers have told us we have changed their lives over the years.

If these things could benefit your company then our timekeeping service might be a smart choice for you as well:

  1. Save companies money by controlling labor hours as we capture accurate time with a simple phone call or using the mobile app.
  2. Enhance employee management abilities with inventive tools to prevent time theft with GPS location reporting on clock in/out and a tool to deter buddy-punching.
  3. Help clients deliver terrific service to their customers by alerting them of no-shows to scheduled shifts they need to fill.
  4. Assure owners that budgets are met when they see labor hours dynamically plotted against the job budget.
  5. Give owners the time to work ON their business by reducing the time they work IN their business (i.e. timecards are automatically calculated to reduce pay period processing time – and diminish the stress level!)

We get very excited when we hear how we have helped their small business.  Feel free to read a few customer testimonials from those who have written us.

Our knowledgeable support team listens to potential customers to analyze and determine their specific needs.  We answer your questions and are able to give expert timekeeping advice.   It does not happen often, but the other day we talked to someone where we concluded that their current timekeeping solution, a competitor, is the better fit.  We don’t enjoy turning away new business, but we are all about long-term, mutually beneficial, trusting relationships.  And we want what is best for the small business owner.

If you own a small business with remote employees and need a reputable timekeeping solution that is easy and cost-effective to set up and start using, we are confident that in most cases we can make your life better.   But please know that we will be honest with you.  Either way, you are welcome to try the system to help with your decision.

Click here for a free 30-day trial.



Friendly People Make for a User-Friendly System

Every software designer strives to make his user interface user-friendly. It’s doubtful that anyone starts out with the goal in mind, “Let’s make this as hard as possible!” But as we know, the world is full of systems that fall short of friendly.

To facilitate the learning process, there may be guides or help menus available to explain the product and its features.  And these guides can also be easy or difficult to understand. The testing with a new service may be time consuming and end in frustration, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  What makes the difference?

A good company will have one more resource that the consumer can tap into: real people.  Real people who want to help via phone, email, webinars or live chat.  When we have an opportunity to interact and train with a new customer, she often remarks how easy the system is.  The difference is considerate human interaction.

We work very hard to make our system very easy.  We constantly scrutinize our interface and listen to customer feedback on how it can be simplified. We also have instruction guides; we email out helpful hints and we offer free training webinars.  The difference is our stateside, knowledgeable, friendly support team is passionate about changing the lives of small business owners by solving their timekeeping problems.  This interactive personal care is the secret to shortening the learning curve and it’s why we give you 30 days free to learn it on our dime.  We believe so much that our remote employee telephone timekeeping system will change your life that we are willing to provide you free customer support and helpful materials while absorbing the expense of the trial period.

User-friendly is quite simple with the help of a friendly support team.  Don’t give up before giving us a call.  Allow us to help you get set up on a cost-saving service that will actually change your life!


*Coming Soon* Chronotek Gives You Power to Predict the Future

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

The survival of your small business depends upon you understanding and using the past to help predict and control the future. It’s the power of predictive technology and it’s now at your fingertips.

Our telephone timekeeping system for your remote employees has been enhanced with two integrated innovative tools, Schedule Manager and Budget Planning.  Easily create a job budget for any interval of time based on last year’s actual hours or the contracted hours, and then simply schedule out the hours. As your employees punch in and out of these jobs, we crunch the numbers to advise you if the budget is on target or systematically suggest scheduling changes to correct your course. This automatic calculation of actual hours and future schedules against the budget gives you “future vision” to see where actual hours could trend if not managed.

It’s the power to protect your profits.

The Budget Planning tool can also be utilized without making schedules. Create a budget for any interval of time and the system will mark actual hours in real time against the budget to track any variance. Manage with confidence.

It’s the power of simple.

The future is here…coming May 1st.

Minding Your Minutes

An old adage says, “mind your pennies and your dollars will watch themselves”.  The same is true when you mind your time, especially when time equals money as it does for small businesses.

We had the opportunity recently to speak with a gentleman interested in our services. He ran a pricing estimate on his 14 employees to clock-in/out each day, 5 days a week.  At $94 a month for our telephone timekeeping system, he didn’t think that he lost that much time in dollars each month.  It’s a valid concern.  Small businesses must weigh the cost/benefit of every dollar spent.

We felt called to task and decided to quickly run our own estimates.  The assumption behind capturing accurate time with a telephony system is that companies overpay their employees due to the inefficiencies of handwritten timecards.  If a janitorial company pays $7.50 an hour and on average loses 3 minutes a day to each of its 14 employees, that results in $114 in overpaid wages each month. Factor in higher wages such as the proposed hike in the minimum wage  to $9 an hour and more than 3 lost minutes each day, the wasted dollars gush out like a busted dam.

Companies lose 10 minutes a day to employee theft.  In our example above, that’s $375 a month in overpaid wages that can be prevented by a $92 a month investment.  Most everyone would invest $92 to receive back 4 times that amount.

It is a shock to the system to learn how quickly lost minutes turn into serious dollars.  Wouldn’t it be great to have those dollars back? It would be a beautiful thing.

Sign up today to get those dollars back.

What Is Your Headache?

On the Chronoblog, we spend a lot of time discussing all the technical features of Chronotek that make it so great.  We’ve talked about things like our Industry Leading Support, our Integration With Other Business Tools, and features like our popular Mobile Chronotek system.

But in all these posts we’ve never mentioned one of the things Chronotek does best: cure headaches.  That’s right, Chronotek is the #1 cure for the headaches of companies managing employees at offsite locations.  Now, this may be said a little bit tongue in cheek (if you currently have an actual headache we recommend Tylenol), but there’s a bit of truth to it: Our product addresses some of the most painful issues our customers deal with in their businesses.

Have a problem with “Buddy Punching”? Chronotek cures that headache with Voice Verification.

Need to track the time employees spend at a specific jobsite down to the minute? Chronotek cures that headache with Caller-ID based Location Tracking.

Worried about saving money on payroll in these tough economic times? Chronotek leaves more cash in your pocket at the end of the month- and for businesses, thats the best headache cure there is.

If your headache is dealing with remote employees – Chronotek has the cure for you!

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Getting The “Chronotek Advantage”- With Michal Sikorski Of Fantastic Cleaning

We recently had the chance to catch up with our friend Michal Sikorski of Fantastic Cleaning. Fantastic Cleaning Ltd. is a commercial cleaning company operating out of Victoria, BC, and serving all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. They came to Chronotek when their business grew rapidly to over 80 employees spread throughout the region. Fantastic Cleaning was finding it difficult to ensure whether employees were coming to work on time (if at all) and if employees were spending the correct amount of time maintaining sites. Chronotek was able to meet this need, and Michal graciously took the time to discuss how his company has fully utilized the Chronotek system.

What are some of the biggest challenges associated with running a business like yours?
Having quite a large number of staff spread throughout multiple cities and towns makes it very difficult to keep track of our staff and ensure our customers are getting the value they expect from our services.

How does Chronotek make managing your business easier?
Chronotek allows us to keep track of all of our staff regardless of the fact that we operate in several different geographic regions. Text alerts provide our supervisors and management staff with an exceptional tool for ensuring our staff show up to work on time and show up at all. Since fully implementing the system, we have not missed a single night of service at any of the job sites for which we provide our services. Payroll costs have also been dramatically decreased as we are now able to easily and quickly complete our payroll cycles in-house with the use of Chronoteks easy to read, ready to go time sheets at the end of each pay period.

Do you have a favorite Chronotek feature?
The text and email alerts for no-shows are by far the most useful feature for our company. Other features such as the automatically calculated and added travel time and job costing are time saving tools loved by our office staff. In addition to this, Chronotek’s incredibly friendly customer support staff are willing to take the time to thoroughly explain any of the workings of the system and even create custom features on Chronotek to adhere to whatever your company needs in order to make running your business easier and more efficient. It is always a pleasure communicating with any Chronotek staff!

Chronotek: Helping Your Business Handle Uncertainty

We are hearing it- the last few years have been some of the most challenging for businesses in recent history.  Companies both large and small have been hit hard by the recession, and looming changes in taxes and regulation.  At Chronotek, we know you have enough on your mind as it is- Thats why we have worked hard to make sure that our service takes all the uncertainty out of managing your timekeeping needs. Here’s a few ways Chronotek can help with an uncertain business climate:

Scalability: One of the strongest elements of the Chronotek system is scalability, or flexibility.  Unlike other systems, with Chronotek you simply pay month to month based on usage.  This greatly benefits seasonal industries (such as pool management companies), but this flexibility has great applications even in industries that work year round.  For example, even industries that work throughout the year may experience busy seasons when employees work extra hours, or when temporary workers are hired.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a timekeeping system that could flexibly integrate those changes, while saving you money when the extra capacity isn’t needed? Thats exactly what Chronotek’s flexibility provides.

No Up-Front Cost: One of the most talked about aspects of this recession has been how difficult it is for businesses to get loans for investing in their company.  Chronotek has no up-front costs,  allowing you to significantly upgrade your business without having to worry about a large upfront cost.  In fact, Chronotek is free for you to Try For 30 Days– So you can test our entire system without worrying about cost.  Once you decide to adopt Chronotek full time, there’s still no up front expenses- just the same low monthly fee and only pennies for every call into the system.

Industry Leading Support: We know how frustrating it can be to deal with unreliable customer service, and at Chronotek we want you to count on us for help that is timely and effective.  We understand that businesses deal with enough uncertainty without having to worry about ineffective support from key services.  We take that uncertainty out of the equation with industry leading 99.99% uptime, and couple it with the best support team in the business.

What Features Does Chronotek Provide For Large Companies?

Here at the Chronoblog we have spent a lot of time talking about how our system scales perfectly for small businesses.  We always feel that one of the best things our product helps customers accomplish is to keep fixed costs low, by providing a system that grows as your company grows- there are no big leaps in cost or barriers to expansion.

With this focus on our ability to fit the growth needs of our customers, sometimes its easy to miss some of the excellent features we provide for large customers from the moment you register.  In fact, some of our happiest customers are large, multi state companies who first joined Chronotek because of the wide range of customization options we offer.  Lets review a few of these “big picture” features:

Cross-Country Timekeeping Made Easy: Chronotek makes it easy to manage clock-ins across multiple time zones.  The web interface makes it easy to assign different jobs to particular time zones, and our Licensed Caller-ID ensures that employees clock in for those jobs at the correct locations.  It has never been easier to manage your timekeeping needs- from coast to coast.

Easy User/Role Administration: Chronotek provides simple tools to manage access for various users.  Large companies who need to allow various managers to access the Chronotek account can easily do so.  At the same time, it is easy to place limits on what these additional users can view and change.  Many companies use these tools to allow regional managers access and control over their areas, while still maintaining a central monitoring account to easily keep tabs on the entire company.  For more information on setting up these features, our Support team will be happy to assist you.

Integration With Other Business Tools: We recognize that today’s businesses often employ a variety of software tools to automate their payroll processes.  Thats why Chronotek is an industry leader in our ability to integrate with other tools.  We integrate with ADP, Paychex, Compupay, and support automated FTP exports as well. We are always adding support for new products- if your payroll tool isn’t listed, talk to our Support team!

Scalable Pricing Options: Perhaps our most compelling opportunity for larger customers is our excellent scaled pricing system.  Chronotek helps large companies save even more money on their timekeeping expenses by giving lower per-call prices for higher volume accounts.  Our Pricing Calculator makes it easy to see how much you can save.

These are just the beginning of the rich features we offer for our large customers.  As always, our excellent support staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have- call, email, or simply chat.

New “Any Employee” Schedule

Today we are thrilled to announce a new feature that has been at the top of our “wish list” for some time now.  Many customers had asked us about how best to handle jobs where they didn’t care what employee clocked in, just as long as somebody did.  For many of our customers who manage many different locations, simply ensuring that at least one employee had arrived at a jobsite was critical information.  One example of this type of job might be a pool management company that needs to be sure someone has shown up to open a neighborhood pool for the day, or a security firm that needs to be sure a specific location is covered by a certain time.

We started rolling this feature out on Tuesday, and already we are thrilled with the response from our customers, and the innovative ways they are planning to use it.  Our programming team put in lots of hard work perfecting how this new type of schedule would work with our alert system, so that supervisors can receive up to the minute information regarding which job sites are covered.  Our team also designed the schedules to interface perfectly with our Mobile Chronotek system, allowing supervisors to view this information from any web enabled mobile device.

All in all we are very proud to be able to offer this new feature to our customers.  Our support staff created an excellent email tutorial on using “Any Employee” schedules, and current Chronotek customers should check their inboxes for this information.  As always, any questions or feedback may be left in the comments section below- we’d love to hear how you plan to use this new feature!

Chronotek- Making Holidays Easier for Small Business Owners

As we wrap up Memorial Day Weekend, I am reminded of how amazing our constantly connected and engaged world is.  Even on a day of rest and reflection for most of us, many across the Nation remain hard at work- from the executive checking emails on his Blackberry, to the janitorial staff preparing a building for the coming week.  This modern 24/7/365 work day is most pronounced in one group of people- small business owners.  For these entrepreneurs, a day of complete relaxation is nearly impossible, with so many variables and areas of concern to keep up with.

Thats why one of our primary goals at Chronotek is making life easier for small business owners.  We understand what its like to have a company to worry about 24/7- and why its so important to keep up with all the information that lets you know your business is functioning properly.  With this in mind, we have attempted to stay at the forefront of the “always-on” mode of thinking, without sacrificing the ease of use and simplicity that is the hallmark of our system.  We have accomplished this through features like our text message and email alerts whenever an employee doesn’t show up for work, and with the recently released Mobile Chronotek that allows you to manage the system through an interface optimized for mobile web browsers.

We are confident that our efforts in these areas have had a positive impact on our customers peace of mind, and their ability to stay connected to their businesses even when they aren’t “on the job”.  One of our favorite stories here at Chronotek is when a customer contacted us via email and said that he had just done his scheduling and timekeeping- while walking through Disney World with his children.  We love this story because it validates so much of what we do at Chronotek, and gives us the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that our efforts made that family’s vacation just a little more enjoyable.  For many small business owners, a true “vacation” is only a dream- but with Chronotek’s versatile mobile options, that dream can become reality.

Finally, a word of appreciation for our brave service Men and Women on Memorial Day.  No amount of eloquence could adequately express the incredible debt we owe to you all- those who fought, past and present, to defend this beautiful country and all the freedoms we enjoy.  Without your efforts, we would not be blessed with the freedom to live and worship as we please, or even the freedom to work and prosper as individuals and entrepreneurs.   For your service in the past, present, and future, we thank you.

-The Chronotek Team

Janitorial Work – Time/Motion measurement

Do you know how long it takes to do your jobs?   As the business owner, your first job is to know how long it takes to do any particular job.  The janitorial industry is a time/motion line of work; meaning the work to be done can be measured in a specific time.  For instance, it takes a specified length of time to vacuum a specified area of carpet.

Some business owners actually do the jobs initially to determine how long it takes.  Of course there are other factors that can make those numbers vary, but for the most part, there are good efficiency numbers that have been derived from studies of labor and materials in the cleaning business. So once you land the job you need a way to make sure the employees you put on that job actually put in the time it takes to do the job right.  A telephone timekeeping system that allows you to track jobs as well as employees can be useful for these job costing numbers.  Your employees clock into a job and you can see the amount of time spent on that job each month.  It is a great way to determine if your job costing numbers were right.

Need to Hire that Next Manager? Maybe Not…

Keep track of employees with fewer managers using the Chronotek Employee Management system. You can grow your business and keep management costs down too.  Features that allow you to do more with less are the no-show alerts sent when employees do not show up to scheduled jobs, integrated voicemail where employees must listen to the message before the next clock in or out, and Mobile Chronotek that allows you to view clock in and out data 24/7 from even a cell phone.

Besides the savings you see for paying for actual time worked, you will see the benefits of overtime control, reduced payroll administration, and management assistance. Look at the testimonials – we have clients who even track students. In these times when salaries are still the largest expense it makes sense to use a timekeeping system that can help you do more.

Alarms Got Set Off – was it your employees?

You get the call the next day from your customer. Their security alarms went off last night. Your customer thinks your employees set it off. Do you have the proof you need when you say your employees were already gone by that time? If not, you may have to pay for the police run that was made to check the alarm status at your customer’s site. Has this happened to you?   This could get costly$$$.  When you use telephone timekeeping you know exactly when your employees clock in and when they clock out.  You have the proof!  (And unless those employees work at a bank and are planning the bank heist, you know they left the premises when they clocked out.  Who sticks around a work site when they are not getting paid?)  This does not have to happen to you again!

Land your next job!

Tell prospective customers that you manage your employees with a  telephone timekeeping system.

Telephone Timekeeping is a tool in your marketing portfolio – is it the Chronotek Advantage.  Customers value a well-managed business.

  • Why is it important to your customers that you have the Chronotek Employee Management System?
  • Vacation Time on the job is one of the largest influences on quality in the service industry. Chronotek helps you know you are delivering the best quality to your customers.
  • Every second  counts

The Chronotek Advantage - Land that job

…Because the Chronotek system shows your employees clocking in and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;  who is working, where they are working, and when they arrived and left.

So make a marketing portfolio – a folder with your company logo, your mission statement, your bid forms, and….the Chronotek Advantage literature.

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