Telephone Timekeeping
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About Us

The Chronotek Company, Inc.

Founded in 1995

The industry leading Chronotek Employee Management System is a hosted web-based service that allows users to track, manage, and report remote worker’s time and attendance. Our telephony technology enables employees to easily clock in and out from anywhere, on any phone.

Live clock-in data provides accountability with notifications to supervisors when scheduled jobs are not covered. Detailed maps show location tracking with caller ID from landline site phones and GPS on mobile phones.  Scalable for growing companies, maintaining per-use pricing, with no setup fees and nothing to buy.

We are committed to being the best in the business and tout a stellar reputation for outstanding customer service and system up time, handling hundreds of clients and processing millions of phone calls a year.

Chronotek has a strong track record of saving companies millions of dollars a year by reducing direct labor costs, but also by reducing administrative time in collecting and processing payroll hours.

Chronotek serves clients nationwide, in Canada, Puerto Rico, and expanding to Europe, and easily deploys across multiple time zones. Chronotek helps to create the most productive and efficient remote workforce possible.