The smart time tracking solution for remote employees.
The best way to control labor costs and grow your business!

#1 Mobile Time Clock with GPS Tracking
Employee Clock In System
Phone Call Or App
Live Online Time Clock

Everyone's job is easier.

Double Profits
Your business grows as automated time boosts your bottom line.
Office Admin
Office Admin
Accurate & Fast
No more paper timesheets! Payroll hours automatically calculated.
Know it all
Be confident that all jobs are covered and overtime is controlled.
Easy to Use
Clock in by phone or app; view personal schedules and time cards.

Chronotek changes lives. Trust us in this.

A CLASSIC TALE - is this you?

Many business owners can relate to Bruce, Susie, and their team.

Watch this video to understand how inefficient and inaccurate timekeeping can affect an entire company, and how everyone benefits from smart timekeeping with Chronotek.

Chronotek makes time tracking fast, simple, and incredibly easy to manage.

Simple Clock In/Out

Call to Clock In/Out

Call our toll-free number. Caller ID is reported on time cards. Linked site phone numbers give assurance employees are clocking in/out from the job site. Block unauthorized phones.

Use App to Clock In/Out

Download our free app. Jobs are suggested based on GPS location and schedule. Employees can view personal time cards and schedules.

Simple Clock In and Out

Never Miss A Job!

Alerts - Ahead of Time

Supervisors set up schedules and rely on the no-show and late alerts to ensure every job is covered.

Supervisors quickly view real-time clock-ins and missed schedules. Control overtime with actual labor hours calculated for the work week.

Location | GPS Tracking

Supervisors quickly see who is Located NOT at job on the powerful mobile app. Manage travel using actual data or Google Map™ estimates for time and mileage.

In-App Messaging
& Voicemail

Two-way Messaging

Send messages or announcements through in-app messaging. Employees must read message from supervisor at clock in/out.

Voice Messaging & Verification

Enable voice verification to prevent buddy punching. When using telephony employees must listen to messages from supervisors at clock in/out.

Hours Automatically Calculated

Exports to QuickBooks and Payroll Formats

Turn in payroll hours in a fraction of the time. Time cards (including overtime) are
automatically calculated and can be exported to many payroll service formats. With the click
of a button, send the calculated shift hours to QuickBooks with absolutely no file handling.

Inefficient timekeeping costs too much.
Start saving now.
It's about time!
Chronotek is just $5 per employee per month.
(plus $14 base fee)

Unlimited Clock In/Outs, Everything Included!

Free Call-In Support
With 5 people working,
your company only pays $39 per month
Employees Tracking Time
$39 / month

Unlike other systems, only pay for employees who clock in/out. Non-clocking supervisors and admins are free.

PER PUNCH PRICING Better for part-time employees or high turnover businesses

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Use any or all methods:
Call-In, Web Clock or
Mobile App.

Administrators and
Supervisors use the app
or Admin site for free.

GPS, Schedules/Alerts,
Mobile App, Telephony,
Personal Support.

Don't sweat it!
You are billed only
Experience the savings.
Our amazing support team makes it easy to get started. Try it for a full 30 days.
No contracts, no setup fee, no obligation.
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